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Storm Damage Restoration in Asheville, NC

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Storm Damage Restoration

Falling trees, strong winds, and hail can cause serious damage to your roof and home. Drew Renovation specializes in storm damage repair. If your home has sustained damage, get in touch with us for a free inspection. Our experienced project managers can assess the property damage and provide you with a detailed estimate. We also have extensive experience working with insurance companies.

Storm Damage Restoration Services

  • Free Inspection – Drew Renovation offers free roof inspections and estimate.
  • Emergency Tap – We can install a temporary tarp over the damaged sections of the home to prevent water damage until the repairs are completed.
  • Framing Repair – Falling trees can inflict a lot of framing damage to a home. Our restoration team has extensive framing knowledge and experience.
  • Siding Repair – We can repair or partially replace a wide variety of siding types including vinyl, fiber cement, and wood siding.
  • Interior Repair – Sometimes, storms can even cause damage to a home’s interior. Our team can repair damaged drywall, molding, and flooring.
  • Insurance Companies – Our project managers will be happy to work with your insurance company. To make the process go smoothly, we can provide your insurance company with an estimate for the necessary repairs.

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Drew Renovation offers high-quality services that are trusted by many in Asheville and the surrounding areas. Our team has extensive roofing knowledge and experience. We utilize roofing products that have excellent manufacture warranties, giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve. You can read the reviews that our customers have left us here. Drew Renovation is a roofing contractor you can depend on.