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Skylight Installation in Asheville, NC

Are you looking to bring more natural light into your home? Both skylights and sun tunnels are excellent ways of brightening up your living space. If you are planning on having a new skylight installed on your roof, let our team of experts guide you through this process. We can help you pick a good location for the skylight, and we can guide you through all the different styles and options. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


Are you looking to have a skylight installed on your roof? Let one of our team members guide you through this process. We can help you choose the best location for the skylight, and we’ll guide you through all the different skylight options.


Skylights don’t last forever. If you have a leaking skylight that is irreparable, replacement may be the best choice. Let our experienced installers remove your old skylight and replace it.


If your skylight is leaking, having it repaired quickly is important to prevent damage to the interior of your home. Let our team of experts inspect and repair your skylight. Give us a call for a free estimate.


  • Various Sizes
  • Deck & Curb Mounted
  • Fixed, Manual & Solar Powered Skylights

Sun Tunnels

  • Various Sizes
  • Flexible & Ridgid Sun Tunnels

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Drew Renovation offers high-quality services that are trusted by many in Asheville and the surrounding areas. Our team has extensive roofing knowledge and experience. We utilize roofing products that have excellent manufacture warranties, giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve. You can read the reviews that our customers have left us here. Drew Renovation is a roofing contractor you can depend on.